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It's my birthday now yay!!!!!

I got happy drunk with my boyfriend and our good friend Nolan and now I'm going to make my boyfriend watch Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog or maybe it'll be just time to go to sleep and don't worry mom if you are reading this I have had plenty of water!!!!


Also yesterday I finished reading a mystery novel and I am proud to say that I predicted the hemophilia twist WAAAAAAAAAAAY before it got revealed. Like way before. YAY.

You know how I used past tense to describe the drunkeness well that was an exaggeration it is still very much present tense. Thank goodness for Safari's built-in spell check function.

ANNNNNNNYHOW. Now is my birthday huzzah and such.
Maybe it's getting to about the time I should admit I'm basically not using LiveJournal anymore.

Then again, I do have a chunk of time off coming soon, and I could do a whole bunch of posts with all the pictures I took from the past month of adventures, and then go back to posting more often.

I'll figure it out later.

Mar. 25th, 2011

I am irrationally annoyed at the casting choice for Katniss in the Hunger Games trilogy. I wanted Hailee Steinfeld so much- she looks like a lot closer to my imagination of Katniss than Jennifer Lawrence does. On the other hand, it's cool that they're making movies. So there's that.

Mar. 20th, 2011

Here, we'll make it a trifecta:

My boyfriend has this one friend who's just a bundle of weird interests and quirks. Think Liberterian ballroom dance instructor with a blond hair that sticks up, striking blue eyes, and, most relevant to this situation, a gun collection. This friend likes to take my boyfriend out target shooting. I guess that's okay. I mean, that's what I used to think.

But now that my boyfriend is in the hospital with a shot through his dominant hand, I don't particularly think that anymore.

The good news is that Bailey is awake, coherent, and, he has told me, on the good painkillers. I can't go see him until after my work tomorrow, but he sounded confident about the outcome of the treatment.

(And the silly part of me wants to mention that now Bailey has something in common with Wyclef Jean.)

Mar. 20th, 2011

Oh, dang, was that really my first post in all of March?

I've actually got an excuse this time! I went to Boise with Bailey last week! It's not a particularly good excuse, since Bailey has a new gorgeous Macbook and he let me borrow it whenever I wanted to get online, but it's an excuse anyhow.

Mar. 20th, 2011

So I watched Paul on Friday with Bailey, and it was funny and it's nice to see Simon and Nick doing a project together of their own whilst Edgar does his own things (sidenote: loved that they did Paul and Scott Pilgrim, but I still really want the third Blood and Ice Cream movie ASAP please) BUT I have a strong complaint:

I know from the credits that Blythe Danner's character's name is spelled Tara, but every single character said it differently. Tyra, Teera, Tear-ah, Tar-ah. I know there were bunches of different accents in the movie, but I agree with Data: the vowel sounds have to be accurate (or as accurate as possible) for it to be your name.
So it's only been three weeks. That's not too bad, right?

Anyhow: on the 12th I saw Cake in concert. It was AWESOME, even though I'm the sort of person who only knows 10 or so Cake songs, including the really popular ones like Never There, Short Skirt Long Jacket, and my absolute favorite Stick Shifts and Safety Belts. The best part was the encore, with everyone doing the Na Na Na Na Nahs for Short Skirt Long Jacket all together. Oh, and a lady won a tree from the band! It was excellent.

Random thoughts:
The past few days it snowed. If this weather had a face, I'd punch it.

I'd like to know how many divorces/breakups have been precipitated by the playing of Risk, now that I've watched an actual couple play it.

I still don't understand how one of Bailey's housemates can drink as much as he does.

I have been getting really absent minded lately, misplacing (temporarily, I assure you!) in different times my driver's license, $11, and my cell phone. I should sleep more.

I fell an entire quartile in the ranking lists at work due to absenteeism. I need earn back my attendance points (points are added whenever you're absent or late, work extra overtime and the points go away) in case I don't get a shift swap for the trip to Boise.

Oh yeah- I'm going to Boise! On an airplane! I realized today I haven't been on a plane since January 2008, which is ridiculous. That's three years! Admittedly before I started flying again in college (for winter break) I hadn't flown since middle school, but you get into a habit with flying, you know? And then it's gone and you're out of practice.

Feb. 2nd, 2011

I knew I hadn't posted for awhile but I didn't realize it was THAT long.

This is what happens when you take dozens of phone calls a day and have to repeat the same dang thing to 30 different people. You lose track of the days.

On the other hand, it's February now! That means many exciting things- Bailey and I are seeing Cake in concert on February 12 and we have our 18 month anniversary at the end of the month. The baby cows are starting to be born (earlier than normal, I think) and so far they're very cute. Especially the little twin who my aunt is bottle feeding (both twins and the mom lived through the birth, but since the mom was born was I was still in early elementary school, it's best that she only handle one of the two on her own). I feel sorry for him, though- sometimes bottle calves get to live in the basement, but my aunt's dog thinks he is a puppy and wants to PLAY PLAY PLAY and the calf is all infant-weak and just wants more milk MILK MILK DO YOU HAVE ANY MILK?

The whole imitating/personifying animals is more fun when I'm actually talking and I can do the voices. My aunt's dog Ziva is more manic than Bailey's housemates' dogs, who are about the same age as Ziva but don't have the crazy-making influences of a middle school boy and a ton-and-a-half of cats around. But Ziva's less fun to do the voice for than Riley and Kobe (I think that's how Bailey's housemates spell their dogs' names, but I could be wrong) because Riley and Kobe do more than just bounce bounce bounce bounce nudge nudge PAY ATTENTION TO ME. For instance, they play games with a lime that got thrown at some guy during Bailey's primary boy housemate's 36 hours of drunkeness.

I feel like such a snob when I hear stories about Bailey's housemates drinking or look at their beer selection (national brand light beers that honestly taste like lightly flavored water) or their taste in television. I'm not particularly advanced in my beer taste (Blue Moon or that hemp ale they have at the gay bar) or my television (Bravo reality competitions and USA shows, mostly, at this point ) but at least I'm not playing Beer Pong, you know? Mostly it's culture shock, going from a house full of "I got a growler of Fish Tale Ale" and "Let's drink sake!" boyfriend's roommates to going to a house full of people who do most of their drinking in a Beer Pong based drinking culture.

Media report: I've seen True Grit, Toy Story 3, The Social Network, and The King's Speech, so I'm almost halfway through the best picture nominees! I'll maybe see Black Swan next, but maybe not. I really want to see Inception, but I'll have to rent or buy it, and I'm being lazy. And I really want to see Winter's Bone. Also, if I can stand watching the climax again I'd like to see True Grit again, but I feel so sorry for that poor pony. So that's a maybe.

Anyway, I've rambled quite a lot. Have fun.
Today is the last day of my first three day weekend in a long while.

Tomorrow I start a six day work week, with my shift starting an hour earlier than normal.


On the bright side, this weekend was lovely!

OBJECTS: Bought a new leather jacket that actually fits well AND Good Omens, two things I'd been "getting around to" buying for years now. I also bought a rainbow monkey hat, which I would show you but LJ isn't liking me when it comes to photo uploads. I bought it because my new Michael by Michael Kors leather jacket is gorgeous, but when it's hovering around freezing and you're drinking an impulse-purchase Dick's chocolate milkshake while walking outside, you need something warmer. A knit wool cap with polyester fleece lining is just the thing!

EXPERIENCES: I saw the Picasso exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. My favorite portrait from my childhood wasn't on display, but I saw a 4000 (ish) year old hippopotamus (you might need to click through a few other hippos first) and some gorgeous 4th millennium BC Sumerian frog amulets (pictures not available online, but there were multiple frogs, each smaller and made of more costly material than the last, including shell, lapis luzuli, silver, and gold), not to mention a Sargent portrait that looks ridiculously like one of Bailey's best friends around these parts.

In much lower-brow events, I saw various parts of the movie The Rock, starring Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery. It's exactly what you'd imagine a Bruckheimer/Bay movie to be like, from the parts I saw. (It was airing on at least one of the movie channels on the television of the house we stay at in Seattle, but I fell asleep at least once.) On the bright side, Leo from West Wing is in it! John Spencer can make a lot of things better. Also at one point I theorized that his character in The Rock is actually also Leo McGarry, in that he is a multi-versal traveler torn between high-up government roles in two dimensions. I blame the Malibu-and-chocolate-milk.

Rounding it out with the midbrow, Bailey and I watched Ghostbusters in a movie theater that does food and booze. It was the first time I'd really watched Ghostbusters as an adult who wasn't falling asleep, and I definitely understand why it's Bailey's favorite movie. And I say this as someone who had been drinking beer the whole movie, because they had inexpensive pitchers. Bailey and I are thinking of going up again in a couple weeks to see The Fifth Element and do late dinner.

Jan. 1st, 2011

Happy New Year!

I realize I've been rather bad at updating lately, mostly because my life would be rather boring to read about. I work, I take Mom grocery shopping, I see Bailey- that's pretty much it.

Vaguely interesting things:

I gave Bailey a ride to the airport a little over a week ago, and then picked him up again this week. I'd never really driven anywhere as terrifying as SeaTac airport before, but I managed it like a champ. Had to blast the oldies station on my way home from taking there, though, or else I'd have drowsed off. And that's how I learned that Danger Zone is an oldies song.

And NYE was really fun. It was weird for me, though- I've always done the same thing forever and ever on New Year's Eve: stay at home, watch movies, blow stuff up, drink something alcohol at midnight with parents, write up an end of the year post for LJ (okay, so that's a more recent tradition), and go to bed. But this New Year's Eve, Bailey and I got dressed up fancy and went out dancing in Tacoma. Mostly it was awesome. The music was too loud, but then, it was always is, and I realized I really need a sports bra if I'm going to be dancing long periods- I had to take breaks not because I was physically tired, but because my chest was sore from constant movement. I had lemon drops and Bailey had beer and later, whiskey and when we got back to his place we watched Archer until I fell asleep, and then we slept like the dead until Bailey woke me up to tell me he'd made breakfast and we spent the first part of New Year's Day watching movies on his housemate's big comfy couch.

Then I spent the second half of the day thawing out the watering trough as best I could. Not fun, by the way.

So, end/beginning of the year inventory:
40 hour/week (plus) job
totally adorable boyfriend, currently in bearded mode
fantastic boots
possible cat allergy (the closer the cat sleeps to my face, the more congested I am in the morning)
way too cold outside weather
plans to travel to Europe in about 10 months

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